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Китайская лягушка - по-нашему - лев.

Китайская лягушка - по-нашему - лев.

В китае львов называют лягушками.
Это лягушка-девочка или львица.
Сделана из цельного куска камня, а во рту - круглый камешек, который невозможно достать (сделан во рту львицы, никогда не был снаружи).
Существует поверие: если женщина подержится за шарик во рту львицы-лягушки, то пребудет с ней женская сила и здоровье, а так же поможет произвести на свет хорошее потомство.



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Where does the bald spot in men come from?
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"Baldness is the way the Lord shows you that you are chosen," Bruce Willis once said. He knew what he was talking about: his affair with baldy had been going on for more than 20 years.

"If a man doesn't have enough shine, he goes bald," this offensive joke is clearly not about him. What has become a curse for many men, for Hollywood heartthrob Bruce Willis, has turned into dignity. Having given up on complexes and prejudices, "die hard" continues to enjoy life and show off one of the most famous bald spots in the world.
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However, Bruce did not always show such calmness about his thinning hair. When he discovered at the age of 30 that he was going bald, he became desperate. Jack Nicholson, who happened to be on the same set with him, added fuel to the fire. Glancing at the treacherous bald patch, he noticed: "My friend, your head will soon look like a big chicken egg!"
To an actor whose career had just begun, such a prospect seemed terrible. He just managed to light up, playing the main role in the series "Agency " Moonlight", which brought him not only the love of the public and the Emmy Award, but also a good income: for each episode, Bruce received 50 thousand dollars.
For a guy from the American outback, who recently starred in second-rate films and commercials, and in his spare time traveled on roller skates to one of the New York bars, where he worked as a waiter, participation in the popular series was a great success. The producers liked the unknown actor so much that instead of a cameo role, he was taken as a partner by Sybil Shepard herself, an affair with whom he was immediately attributed to the American tabloids.
In fact, Bruce was attracted to a completely different woman. In 1987, at the premiere of the film "Surveillance", he met an aspiring actress and the fiancee of the performer of the main role, Demi Moore, and fell madly in love with her. Demi, like him, was a drinker (for which she was even treated at the clinic) and a carousel. The relationship developed rapidly, and three months later the couple got married. Soon after, their first daughter, Rumer Glenn, was born. Willis ' film career also took off. After the success of the series, he was bombarded with offers. And suddenly this hateful bald spot, outlined in the hair...
The film actor has many companions in misfortune. According to statistics, 70-75% of men suffer from some form of baldness. Why do some people have thick hair until old age, while others have three hairs in seven rows in their 20s and 30s?

"Most balding men fail their genes," explains Georgy ABRAMOV, a trichologist at the Center for Modern Medicine. – Their hair follicle cells are particularly sensitive to a form of the male sex hormone testosterone – dihydrotestosterone, which gradually suppresses hair growth."

There is another option – an excessive increase in the level of male hormones. Most often, this is an individual feature.
In some cases, male hormones have nothing to do with it at all. For example, some anti-dandruff shampoos act as a scrub and damage the scalp. The cause of hair loss can be osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, malfunctions of the thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract, and finally, a lack of trace elements. The latter most often occurs against the background of problems of the digestive system, which do not allow you to fully break down food and absorb protein and vitamins. The resulting meager energy resource goes primarily to the more important organs – the heart, the brain, and the hair starves.

A sure companion of baldness is stress: regular spasm of the blood vessels that nourish the hair leads to its loss. Therefore, the message that the Brussels scientists ranked hypnosis as a means of combating baldness should not be treated too critically. They attribute this to increased blood supply to the scalp and positive changes in the immune system. I would add that hypnosis has eliminated the psychological component of hair loss. The power of self-persuasion is a great thing, - our expert is sure.
To find out if there is any hope for the restoration of the hair, a full examination is required, and therefore a lot of patience.
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Drugs information for patients. Generic Name.
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Actual information about medicines. Read information now.

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In the pharmacy you can buy Cialis and almost any of its analogues:
domestic analogues, generic Cialis – Tadalafil Bacter, Tadalafil Vertex, Tadalafil SZ, Freimitus;
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You need to choose the best remedy together with your doctor, taking into account all indications and contraindications. But to know the advantages and disadvantages of each analog is worth knowing every man. What better, more efficient and safer Cialis or Viagra and also other well-known drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:
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For example, the phrase "net profit" (accounting term) such programs are replaced by "clear revenue".
11.How to develop memory? 12 Secrets That Will Improve Your Memory

“I forgot! I forgot something! " How often do you say this phrase, even in your mind? But this "something" can be something important!

Most people sooner or later face the problem of poor memory. Or they are wondering how to improve it. What can you do to memorize more, faster and better?

All people are gifted with the ability to remember everything that surrounds them. Be it new people, their names, faces. Or, these are important things that should be done after a while. Or a shopping list and a friend's birthday.

Memory is a unique ability. It allows us to remember important things. It is necessary for any person, no matter what he does.
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We can often hear others say: "He was lucky, he has a good memory!" There is a share of delight and some envy in these words.

But I have good news! Memory can and should even be developed! Scientists have proven that certain working and living conditions help stimulate the brain to make it more productive. Good sleep, proper nutrition and regular physical activity work best on proper brain activity.

In addition, people do not at all think that memory - a good memory - is not only a gift from birth. No, to have a really good memory, it needs to be trained. Cicero said:

"The memory weakens if you don't exercise it."

But what if you follow all this, and you still can't remember an important phone number? How do you train your memory?

If we have memorized some information, it means that we have applied effective techniques for memorization. But if you didn’t succeed in remembering, it means that the memorization process has passed, it’s wrong.

Well, let's get down to memory training. And in a few weeks, maybe days, you will be able to boast of an excellent memory!
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Everything what you want to know about medication.

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Medicines information leaflet. Long-Term Effects.
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All news about pills. Get information here.

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Why Kamagra is popular
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Kamagra is the medicine that has the same active element as Viagra – sildenafil. Kamagra claims to have an equal effect as the well-known blue pill. When it comes to money saving Kamagra cost has its advantages too. It’s wide-spread and not expensive. Kamagra 100 contains 100mg of sildenafil, the same dosage can be found in the Viagra pill of highest strength. It’s produced by Indian manufacturers and is often sold without prescription. That’s why it became very popular with men who want to treat their erectile dysfunction. You may simply buy Kamagra 100 and follow the instructions. Kamagra price is fairly cheaper than Viagra. When you start looking for kamagra online you’ll see that it exists in forms of coloured tablets and flavoured jellies. The medication has no official approve for the use in Europe and in the UK. Nevertheless more and more people choose Kamagra 100mg over other medication with the similar result. You can easily buy kamagra online, although the drug is unlicensed in some countries. No matter how attractive Kamagra cost is, there are no guarantees that the drug will contain sildenafil, the other components are also unknown. Kamagra generic distribution is unlawful, but most men are ready to purchase it, because there’s no need to consult a doctor. What can actually be easier – just go online and buy Kamagra, no prescriptions, no need to go to the pharmacy.
Types of Kamagra generic
When you decide to buy Kamagra 100 mg online you will be surprised by its numerous forms of the medication websites offer. Kamagra 100 is available in three different types: there are tablets, effervescent and jellies. It’s easier to buy Kamagra generic online, as it might not be represented in the pharmacies. More and more men prefer to buy Kamagra via the Internet. The sellers respect privacy of their customers, and Kamagra price is affordable for everyone. The most approved form of Kamagra 100mg is a tablet. It’s small and easy to swallow. The dosage recommended by practitioners and doctors is strictly one tablet per day. It’s very dangerous to consume more than one pill of Kamagra 100 mg. The medication becomes active after 20-30 after the ingestion. Medics advise to take Kamagra generic one hour before the sexual act and the effect will last from 4 to 6 hours. Some people prefer to buy Kamagra in jellies, because it has some advantages. After eating a high-fat meal it’s safe to take Kamagra 100 jelly, not a pill. Jelly has to be dissolved in the mouth, so it doesn’t interact with the food in your stomach. Another positive side of Kamagra 100mg in jelly form is that it starts working quicker than any other varieties of the same medication. 10-15 minutes is enough for it to reach the desirable effect. Jelly form is the most popular form when people purchasing Kamagra online. Effervescent tablets are used by the people who are not able to swallow pills. The medication is dissolved in a glass of water and after an hour after drinking a man can get a firm erection.
Side effects and other important information
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Modern opportunities are endless. Every person can buy Kamagra online to help fight the erectile dysfunction. Kamagra price makes the medication popular and affordable for everyone, but it’s still really important to check all the side effects. You don’t actually plan to damage your health for a one time fun. Kamagra 100mg may be the reason of headaches, nausea, back pain, light vertigo. This medication doesn’t go well with alcohol. If you still plan to consume alcohol, consider switching to another drug, although at higher than Kamagra cost. If you think Kamagra is harmful for you, immediately stop taking it and consult a specialist.
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What is MBA education?
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(Master of Business Administration, master of business administration) is not so much a training program as a Manager's degree (in management). Here it is important to have it, which indicates that you have the skills necessary for a middle-and senior-level Manager. To date, there is no single standard that would allow you to divide the degree of proficiency in these skills, so only the fact of having a corresponding diploma is taken into account.

The first version of such a training system began to be used in the United States in the 19th century. for many companies of that time, employees who knew the latest management methods were in demand. With

In our country, the MBA program started at the branch of the Plekhanov economic Institute. Since then, the standard has taken root and MBA education is now considered one of the mandatory for prestigious vacancies in the economic sphere.

What is the" strength " of MBA education?
As with any other type of training for MBA education, there may be pros and cons. So among the main positive qualities can be noted.
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The opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of business, from which you can get practical benefits in your daily work.
Increased chances of becoming the head of a large firm. The owners of this education are guaranteed to move up the career ladder.
Getting first-hand knowledge from world-class businessmen, and perhaps even from Nobel prize winners.
A great opportunity to get a job abroad or in our country, but in an international organization.
In General, MBA education increases the qualification level of a specialist, making it more competitive in the job market. But there are a few disadvantages.

For example, today young professionals who have just graduated from UNIVERSITY are trying to get an MBA right away. The motivation is obvious — they want to immediately get a job in a prestigious company for a high-paying position with a career growth forecast. And there may be no time to get additional education in the future. But here's the problem — the MBA provides practical knowledge in contrast to the usual "HSE", which would be better compared with your own business experience. This is the only way to highlight in the entire course the knowledge that will really help in a particular situation. And without experience, everything becomes nothing more than an interesting educational program.

The second disadvantage is again hidden in the lack of practical experience for most of the owners of MBA crusts. It is difficult for them to apply the existing knowledge in practice, they do it with caution, sometimes being late with responsible decisions. To work successfully in a rapidly changing market, you need to work for many years to develop the skills to solve complex problems on the fly.
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12 simple exercises to develop "phenomenal memory":

1. Improve the memorization process

When memorizing something, you need to think about the action, draw parallels with your life. Let's just say, the more associations you make, the more you will be able to remember what you want.

2. Try to remember yourself

There are times when you forgot your partner's phone number, or the name and patronymic of a person with whom you have an important meeting, etc. Do not rush to open your notebook just to read the necessary information. Try to remember it yourself. This information is already "on the shelf in your head", you just have to find it.

3. Create similar looks

If you need to remember something important, try to create an image in your mind that is associated with what you need to remember. It will be easier for the brain to do this.

4. Speak the information received

When you want to remember important information, try retelling it, or explaining it to another person. The memorization process becomes better when you speak the information received.

5. Do arithmetic
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When you have nothing to keep yourself busy in boring and long lines, try to start solving very simple arithmetic problems in your head. For example, multiply the number of legs of those red chairs by the number of flowerpots on the windowsill. Or count the sum of numbers on the numbers of passing cars ... This practice is actually an excellent memory training. 6. Remember what happened to you during the day

Before going to bed, after the day, scroll through all its details in your head. What did you do throughout the day, what would you do to improve some points. Think back to your day. From now until awakening. Believe me, this is not an easy task! Ask the question: "Which decision I made today was the most effective?"

7. Read more books!

What could be better than spending your free time reading an interesting and useful book? When reading a book, the brain strains to memorize the details. In addition, you turn on your imagination and begin to visualize everything that you read about. This is great for training the brain.

8. Study verses and text passages

At school we were asked to learn poems for a reason. Memorizing rhymed verses and non-rhymed passages of text helps develop memory. So learn the verses. Try to choose those pieces that you really like 9. Don't try to cram!

Remember how at school / university we could memorize the information we needed to get a good grade? Forget about it. This technique does not help develop memory. Dull cramming is ineffective. It tires the brain, and it quickly stops responding to the information it receives. Better ponder on what you read. You need to not only learn, but also understand what you are reading.
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10. Repeat

But it's still worth repeating the material covered. Not to cram, but to repeat - to refresh your memory. As they say: "Repetition is the mother of learning." Repeat the information received. Every day, for example, 5 days. Repeat what you learned. This information will be deposited in long-term memory, and you can easily get it from there.

11. Don't be lazy

You will never be able to achieve something and remember something if you are lazy. Laziness is the rust of the mind. Don't let it take over your memory. Resist the temptation to lie idle on the couch. Take a book or turn on some relaxing music. This will force your brain to work and thus improve your memory, while you physically rest. And if you need to remember something, then quickly connect all the resources.

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All news about drug.

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Pills prescribing information. Cautions.
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All news about medicine. Get now. Everything trends of medication. Actual trends of medicines. All about medicines. 3e49054